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Ways To Wear It: Striped Basic

We're some stripe crazy gals (it's pretty obvious) and we just can't get enough of our Striped Basic. Plus, we've styled it 10 different ways to show off it's amazingness.
Wear it with fruit of course!
tee | skirt
Denim + deni + stripes...
teejacket | shorts | bag
Throw on a blazer and voila, business casual.
teeblazer | jeans | heels (similar)
Stripes, check. Overalls, check.
teeoveralls | hat
With a western belt and everything!
teeshorts (similar) | belt | hat
Leopard and stripes are BFFs.
teejeans | heels
Rock your stripes with an army jacket!
teejeans | jacket | hat
You can't go wrong with a panama hat & stripes.
teejeans | sandals (similar) | hat
Easy, breezy, beautiful.
teejeans | jacket | purse
Add some dimension with a statement necklace!
teenecklace | shorts (similar)
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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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