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Friday Faves: Crimson, Maroon, & Black Cherry

Maroon, black cherry, crimson, burgundy, whatever you call it, the new hot to trot color of fall has revealed itself, and it’s fabulous. Dark, rich warm colors are what makes fall, well, fall. This season just wouldn’t be the same without these cozy tints and hues. There are about a billion ways to incorporate this flavorful color into your wardrobe, but here are a few of our faves.



blazer | scarf (similar) | heels

 Add some black cherry in your life with a simple, elegant blazer. Yes, please!

jacket | hat | purse

 Go all out, why not? Do a maroon jacket AND a maroon hat.

skirt | shirt | clutch

Burgundy and blue go great together, but add leopard print in the mix and you have basically achieved perfection.


boots | tights

Everyone loves combat boots. But, in crimson? Count me in!

vest | shirt | belt

 Crimson puffer vests are a wardrobe essential. No doubt about it.



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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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