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Ways To Wear It: Blue Plaid

We always love a good plaid button down. Who doesn't? And this one friends, is perfect. Here are a few fabulous ways to style it this season. 
plaid (similar) | cardigan | purse | bracelet
Pair it with neutrals. Blue, plaid and tan always look good together.
plaid (similar) | denim | vest | sweater | heels
Around the waist. Put a little umph in it.
plaid (similar) | blazer | denim | purse
Business casual. Pair plaid with a neutral blazer for a more sophisticated look.
plaid (similar) | vest (similar) | readers |
You really can't go wrong with a puffer vest/plaid combo. They were simply made for each other.
plaid (similar) | necklace (similar) | jacket | jeans | shoes
Denim on denim. Add some plaid in the mix to jazz things up.
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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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