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Friday Favorites: Cold Weather Inspiration

It's that time of year again... Beanies, scarfs, and boots galore! We want to keep you warm over these winter months, so here's a little cold weather outfit inspiration:
Knit scarf, check. Snow boots, check. Starbucks, check. Need we say more?
boots | sweater | jeans | scarf
Plaid & neutrals make for the perfect winter outfit.
scarf | beanie | coat (similar) | pants | boots
Go green & get your plaid on, girl. 
coat (similar) | beanie | scarf | mittens
Neutrals, we love em'. Let's just say they're here to stay...
beanie | coat | sweater | shirt | jeans | boots | purse
And we can't forget fur of course! A fur coat with a simple jeans + sweater combo is the way to go!
coat | sweater | shirt | flats
Feel the fringe. Pair a neutral fringe cardigan with a hat & booties.
cardigan | hat | boots | leggings | sweater | purse (similar)
A knit beanie + mittens and a leather jacket are the perfect casual combo.
jacket | beanie (similar) | mittens
We just can't get enough leopard print... Dress it down with sneakers and a beanie.
coat | leggings | shoes | purse | sweater blouse
Overalls are a winter must. Layer them with a simple top & vest.
overalls | vest (similar) | boots | shirt | beanie (similar)
Make your outfit stand out. Wear a sweater as a pop of color with an otherwise all black outfit.
beanie | coat | sweater | boots
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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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