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Anthro Beauty

When we find a new favorite, we have a hard time keeping it to ourselves. So.. here we go!

We all know Anthropologie is incredibly good at just about everything they do.. so why would their beauty selection be any different?!


Some of Our Favorites:

we LOVE this candle, so the fact that it's a hand cream...SCORE!

because we all love lip gloss!

body & bath, and not just because it's super pretty to look at.

who doesn't love a clean & fresh face?!

 if you don't have a wet brush yet.. do yourself the favor.

with post-baby hair, this stuff is the jam.

anything that says "blemish banisher" I'm about.


because I love to pretend I'm at the beach...always.

mermaid hair, need I say more?

More things to buy:

Fave4, Maskcara, Revlon Extra Life, Revlon Colorburst, Burt's Bees


MMM & Christine

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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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