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Valentine's Day!

Babes! There's less than 3 weeks until Valentine's Day! If you haven't quite decided what to wear, what to get your man, or what treats to make, don't fret lady! We have a style, gift and treat guide just for you! 

Style For You:

skirt | sweater | heels | clutch
skirt | top
skirt | top | heels | clutch
skirt | sweater (similar) | blouse | heels
skirt | sweater | heels

Gifts For Him:

Bow Tie Set
Love Coupons
Blurb Book
Phone Car Charger
Harry's Truman Set

Treats For Everyone:

Strawberry Cocoa
Chocolate Covered Raspberries
Pink Popcorn
Strawberry Brownie Kabobs
Strawberry Parfait
Original Image Sources:

Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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