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Friday Favorites: Trendy Denim

Happy Friday babes! We hope you have a wonderful weekend! To start off the fun, here's our top picks on how to be trendy when wearing denim.
Denim on denim. This trendy look is becoming increasingly popular (and we love it)!
top | skirt | purse (similar)
A simple button-down with distressed jeans. Easy and perfect.
top | jeans | heels
Wear your jeans with a layered sporty look. It's fabulous!
jeans | shoes | sweatshirt | tee | clutch
Black distressed denim is a MUST. A must, people.
blazer | jeans | tee | shoes | purse
Denim on denim (again). But, add a neutral sweater in the mix to break things up a bit.
jeans | jacket | sweater | heels
Denim jumpers are all the rage! The 90's are making a comeback...
jumper | blouse | heels
Just wear all denim. Because, why not? 
top | jeans | jacket | purse
If you haven't yet, you need to get yourself some overalls. Your closet needs them!
overalls | coat | top | shoes | purse
We love a nice denim vest. Effortlessly stylish.
vest | jeans | top | shoes
Or, you can go simple with a blue denim top and black denim jeans!
top | jeans | heels
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Courtney Hansen
Courtney Hansen


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