Free Shipping . . [always & forever] . . All u.s. orders!


Shop With Us!

You don't even have to be local.
Doing what we can to keep things fair.. we're doing our warehouse sale.. virtually!
Everyone can come, and that's the best dang part.

Saturday, Sept. 5th @ 10am (mst)

We will have a special section on the site "WAREHOUSE".
Everything will be $5-10.
All sales will be FINAL. (no exceptions, at all, not even one).
The sale will last 6 hours. 

Every single order, even the tiny ones will receive a FREE GIFT or two! 
It's going to be awesome, we hope you can make it!

Mindy Mae's Market

More of the nitty gritty:
1. ALL sales, EVERY sale is FINAL.
   (all "WAREHOUSE" items are final, other items will have our normal return policy)
2. Orders will ship within 3-5 business days. 
3. Double check your orders!! Because of limited quantities and quick sales are will be     UNABLE to change quantities, sizes, colors, etc.
4. We cannot combine orders.
5. We will not be price adjusting any items purchased prior to the sale.
6. Please refer to the sizing suggestions and measurements, so you get a perfect fit.
7. Orders $50 and up will still ship for FREE!

We want to be helpful & we want you to be happy but please, please, please, follow the above rules, cause then we'll be square! 

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