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About Us

We love selling clothes. It’s just who we are. Here at Mindy Mae’s Market, we’re a family. Working together to provide you the best quality, we think kindness is underrated and donuts are delicious. Our mission? To bring you first-rate, expertly styled clothing for your everyday life. We don’t have to be the only boutique that you shop at, we just want to be the best.
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Courtney & Jett
Simply put, everything done is for the little guy. We bleed Mindy Mae’s Market. We are workaholics and all-day pajama wearers. We love snacks and good jokes.  We strive to make MMM unique and fantastic - because we love it, and we love you.
MMM was started in 2009. I began helping with MMM in 2011 - and bought out the original owner/my partner in 2013. After many, many very late nights, hard days, tears, tough lessons, and small successes - here we are! MMM did a 180 and became what it is today. We pour ourselves into unique designs, exclusive pieces, great prices, and originality.
Our only hope - that you love what we love.