W h i c h  i s  W h i c h

the full blown breakdown

. . . . . . 

Triple S

Super Soft & Stretchy : (you might even want to size down)

This material is our go-to, we use it as much as possible. It is super soft, and super stretchy. In this fabric you can get your normal size and wear throughout all 9 months of pregnancy (comfortably!) It really is that good.

Double S

Kinda Sorta Stretchy : (you might want your regular size)

This category has some stretch but not a ton. It will have some give, but it'll probably only get you through 6 months of pregnancy.


Simple S

Stretchy? not really : (you might want to size up)

 This category is very minimal stretch. And while we LOVE stretch, the hoodie was too cute to pass up, so we just suggest sizing up one to fit comfortably, or stay consistent with your normal size and know it'll be fitted.